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Spotlight: Paradise Animals


Meet Paradise Animals.

With Tuesday night’s Red Bull Sound Select coming up, we figured we may as well turn the spotlight on one of the three bands playing the $3 show ($3 assuming, of course, that you RSVP.) But never fear if you can’t see them tomorrow night – they’re also, coincidentally enough, playing NXNE in June alongside these other artists.

Formed: There was general playing together throughout the 2000s in various formats, but the band began taking its more familiar shape in 2011.
Band Members: Mark Andrade (vocals, synth, guitar, bass, drums, electronics) / Gary Pereira (bass, guitar, synth, saxophone, vocals) / Kerri Silva (guitar, drums, vocals)
From: Toronto. We hear that place is very nice.
Album(s): Paradise Animals EP (February 2012)
For Fans Of: M83, Sigur Rós, Peter Gabriel, Yo La Tengo, Nick Drake, Gang of Four, Sun Ra, and synthesizers
Talking Point: Mark Andrade and Gary Pereira first met at the University of Guelph; Kerri Silva knew Andrade in her oh-so-formative teenage years thanks to a family connection.

More on Paradise Animals over at their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and hear more via their Bandcamp.

Badges + wristbands for NXNE 2014 are available here.

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NXNE ART Call for Toronto Video Artists

NXNE ART is inviting Toronto video artists to create and submit new and experimental art works using video as a medium. We are looking for videos that approach the exploration of Toronto city life, good and bad.

Celebrating its 20th year, NXNE showcases the best new independent music, film, performance and installations from all over the world, encouraging cross collaboration of the arts. Recognized worldwide as a place for artists to gain local and international exposure, this opportunity will also allow artists to meet and exchange new ideas.

Submissions will be reviewed by: Christopher Roberts, NXNE Festival Director; Chris Unwin, Managing Director and Founder of Free Agency; Jamie Webster, Director of Common Good; and Jacquelyn West, Managing Director of Hermann&Audrey. Selected submissions will be projected at the art festival’s headquarters.

NXNE ART FESTIVAL DATES: June 13th – June 22nd

THEME: Toronto city life, including but not limited to: ongoing construction, neighbourhood activity, city transit, social housing, city landscape, cultural institutions, and commercialization of public space.

FORMAT: Silent 3 minute video. HOW TO SUBMIT: Please write in the subject “NXNE ART video submission [your name here]” and send a link to your online video and a short artist bio to nxneart@hermannaudrey.com


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Interactive News: Marc Maron, Paul Rosenberg & Yoni Bloch


We’ve already announced plenty of keynote speakers, presenters, and panelists set for NXNE Interactive 2014. Full scheduling details are on the way, but for now here’s a brief roundup on just a few people headed to the festival. Below, prep yourself some water cooler talk and familiarize yourself with some of the faces you’ll see this year & topics to be discussed.

NXNE Interactive badges are available here.

Marc Maron

What do driving in Los Angeles, electronic cigarettes, and stand up comedy have in common? They’re all discussed in these online audio clips between Marc Maron and Lewis Black. What a coincidence. You can hear these clips over on IFC.

Paul Rosenberg

When you’re leaving a message with Eminem, prepare to have your voicemail immortalized forever. We’re pretty sure Paul Rosenberg is well aware of this fact, so him being heard on “The Monster Explained” is likely no surprise.

Yoni Bloch

You might not be entirely familiar with the name Yoni Bloch, but you probably (hopefully) paid attention last year when Bob Dylan finally released a video for “Like a Rolling Stone.” It was worth the wait, and you can thank Bloch and his band – they’re behind Interlude, the start-up that made the video possible (a video that’s been watched by more than 70 million people.) Watch his interview on the platform and interactive video with Bloomberg below.

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News: St. Vincent, Sleigh Bells, A$AP Ferg, Ryan Hemsworth + more


Believe your eyes this week because there’s even more news on artists headed to NXNE 2014. Yes. Double the news. Yes. We’re as excited as you are.

St. Vincent

Please don’t be this guy when you see St. Vincent at NXNE. Please. (Unless you’re actually Fred Armisen, because then you can be whoever you want to be, really.)

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss discusses playing live and playing festivals. Hey, what do you know – we’re a festival.

A$AP Ferg

Do you think A$AP Ferg would teach us how to freestyle? Because when we try, it definitely doesn’t sound like ‘Petit Valley.’

Ryan Hemsworth


Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett talks to Drowned in Sound about her love of normal, boring things.


LA Weekly talks Kelela about everything from telemarketing to Solange Knowles.


NPR’s got your first listen to Ratking’s So It Goes. So, you know, go.

Perfect Pussy

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, then a) give us some and b) spend it reading Perfect Pussy’s “sprawling, endless” interview with Death and Taxes.

Until The Ribbon Breaks

The interviews keep on coming – this time between Until The Ribbon Breaks and @ARTISTdirect.

Tickets for NXNE 2014 are, as always, available here.

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Throwback: Steve Jordan, Polaris Music Prize


Continuing our series of interviews with people with long, rich histories with NXNE and the Canadian music scene in general, we pick up our throwbacks with Steve Jordan – the founder and executive director of the Polaris Music Prize.

A former A&R exec at Warner Music Canada and True North Records, Jordan tell us about his memories of the festival. He hopefully has a lot of them: he’s been coming every year since we first started NXNE. So if we had honorary sashes to give out… well, he’d probably get all of them.

When did you start coming to NXNE?
The first year, whenever that was. Oh yeah, 20 years ago. Haven’t missed one.

In what capacity have you been part of NXNE?
A&R vampire for the first ten. Moderated some panels. Then just a force of habit.

What’s your first memory of the festival?
Sneaking in the back door of The Rivoli to see Patti Smith’s surprise performance. Too many goofballs came to drink and yack and be seen and not listen. But it was exciting.

So far, what’s been the most memorable show you’ve seen or had at NXNE?
Definitely a Monarch-era Feist at Ted’s Wrecking Yard in 1999. Also early shows for K-Os, Danko Jones, Kathleen Edwards, Weakerthans, and just about anytime by divine right played.

What’s the most memorable NXNE conference panel, film screening, or general festival experience?Pink Eyes from Fucked Up hilariously heckling a panel I was moderating. This was before they won Polaris.

What’s been your best musical discovery at NXNE?
They were all pretty throughly researched before I checked them out, but I still have an undying love for Grand Theft Canoe out of Winnipeg. Also the outrageous Caffeine from Montreal. Neither really caught on. At all. Although Caffeine singer Xavier is somewhat of a star in Quebec.

What’s been the biggest change you’ve witnessed at NXNE over the years?
Extended hours. Murderous.

What is your favourite NXNE venue that doesn’t exist anymore?
There remains a gaping hole in the Toronto live music scene where the Ultrasound Showbar used to be. It was intimate with great sounds and sight lines, friendly staff, and great food downstairs at X Rays. Yvonne Matsell booked it and ran it like a dream.

Do you have any photographs or VHS/camcorder video stored away from the first ten years of NXNE?
Check out the back issues of NOW for some of my picks. I stand by most of them. There may also be some interview clips with me on The New Music. I may even have hair.

Anything else you’d like to say about NXNE?
Now synonymous with summer in Toronto. Looking forward to the next 20 or more.

Follow Steve Jordan at @PolarisPrize and find out more on the Polaris Prize here.

NXNE celebrates 20 years this 2014.

Stay tuned for more throwbacks, lineup announcements, and for volunteer applications to open up. You can also follow us on Twitter, see some of the announced artists, and grab your badges/wristbands here.

Photo by Kevin Shea Adams

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Tuesday, April 22: I Break Horses

RBSS Poster 2_CS

Consider this your friendly, gentle reminder that tomorrow night we’ll be at The Drake Hotel – and hopefully you’ll be there too.

We promise there’s a good reason for you to leave your house on a Tuesday night… We’ve teamed up with Red Bull for Sound Select Presents: Toronto, April 22nd, 2014 with performances by I Break HorsesArk Analog, and Paradise Animals.

Insert your giddy up, yeehaw, and other horse-related slang here. Cowboy boots optional. (On second thought, please don’t wear cowboy boots. You’ll look ridiculous.)

April 22nd, 2014
The Drake Hotel Underground (1150 Queen St. W)
Doors: 8 pm / 19+
$3 with an RSVP

Please note this show is first come, first in – RSVP does not guarantee admission. Get there early if you want to get in.

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Spotlight: The Maladies of Adam Stokes


There’s plenty of music to familiarize yourself with on the NXNE Artists list – and, in case you were wondering, plenty more to come – but we’re going to spend some time in the lead up to June giving you a quick rundown on some acts you might want to add to your schedule. (No, the schedule isn’t out yet. Yes, it is coming.)

To start the whole “spotlight” thing, we’re sticking close to home with The Maladies of Adam Stokes.

Formed: 2009
Band Members: Kohji Nagata (brass, guitar) / Brett Harris (bass) / Josh Awerbuck (guitar) / Emily Anderson (piano) / Ted Turner (drums) / Mikey Hill (guitar, vocals)
From: Toronto (mostly – 50% of the band was born & raised in the city, the other three are from Newmarket, Scarborough, and Meadowvale)
Album(s): City of Trees (2012)
For Fans Of: Attack in Black, Constantines, The Wooden Sky, and folk rock
Fun Fact(s): Mikey Hill is capable of writing you a prescription. Outside of the band, he’s a doctor who spends his time saving the lives of kids, donating his time to clinic duty, and working with the World Wildlife Fund. So, you know… He makes the rest of us look bad. The band is named after a book (“The Maladies of Adams-Stokes Affairs of the Heart”) Hill came across during medical school, clearly making all that time spent in the library worth it. In equally impressive facts, the band (or at least Level 5 Laser Lotus Brett Harris) appear to be fans of Community. Six seasons and a movie, guys.

More on The Maladies of Adam Stokes at their website & follow them on Twitter.

Tickets for NXNE 2014 are available here.

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Milosh Jetlag Photo Exhibit - April 17


Before Rhye play NXNE 2014, you can enjoy another part of Michael Milosh’s musical and visual output.

During the recording of his fourth album, Jetlag, Milosh and his wife, Alexa Nikolas, spent time taking photos. The result is the Jetlag Photo Exhibit & Album Listening Launch. Join us for the opening reception on April 17th, 2014 at Moniker Gallery (452 Richmond St. W) from 7-10 pm.

To attend, please RSVP to miloshjetlag@gmail.com

Can’t make the opening? No worries – the exhibit runs until April 25th.

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Songza’s NXNE 20th Anniversary Playlist


Stop listening to whatever it is you’re listening to and listen to this instead. Dip back through NXNE’s 20 year anniversary with this Songza playlist of some festival favourites from year’s past + some artists headed our way for the 2014 edition of the fest.

Of course if you like what you hear through your headphones/speakers, you’re going to like it even more live. Remember to pick up your NXNE badges/wristbands here & take advantage of the early bird sale – available until the end of April.

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Goldfrapp: Tales Of Us - Wednesday at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema


Remember that we have a date on Wednesday night. Yes. A date. You. Us. A theatre. Very romantic, if you’re into that sort of thing. Or not romantic at all. We’ll see how the night goes, right?

We’ll see you at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema for a co-presentation of another one of our favourite rock n’ roll films. We’ve screened Stop Making Sense and Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That! in the past (and hopefully you were there for them) – this time, get ready for Goldfrapp: Tales Of Us.

More information & grab your tickets here.

Goldfrapp: Tales Of Us
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema – Wednesday, March 26th
Doors: 8:45 pm / Screening: 9:30 pm
Tickets: $11 ($8 Bloor members)
Doc & beer combo: $17 ($14 for Bloor members) – includes screening, bottle of Steam Whistle, and a large popcorn

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